about mack5

mack5 provides project, cost and construction management services to deliver cost-effective, timely projects that are aligned with owner expectations.

mack5 was established in 2001 by experienced design and construction professionals. We partner with architects and owners including public entities, nonprofit organizations and private owners on complex construction projects. Our purpose is to deliver not only the greatest value for our clients, but also to get the “best value” out of every dollar they spend – be it on planning, designing or building. Whether architect or owner, we are our clients’ advocate to manage projects and costs from conception through completion or any stage in between. We bring the most value when we are retained early on to identify risks and deliver solutions that keep projects on track.

Our range of services varies from project to project; however, our commitment remains focused on delivering solutions that allow projects and clients to achieve their goals.

The mack5 team has proven expertise to:

  • Analyze costs and develop cost plans, estimates and total project budgets
  • Develop the project management plan from inception to completion
  • Select the appropriate design and construction resources
  • Keep the project on track: budget, schedule and quality
  • Identify, monitor and respond to risk
  • Provide accurate and timely reporting
  • Communicate with all stakeholders
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